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The Pain Science Division is a special interest group of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association that serves physiotherapists who have an interest in better understanding and managing pain and in connecting with likeminded clinicians, educators and researchers. Geoff Bostick, PT, PhD, Divisio...
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New PD Tool! Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there? Do you want a way to organize that information and plan your professional development? Check out our new PD tool at!  This tool is meant to help: (1)  Identify your strengths and learning priori...
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Male pelvic pain: the prostate gland has been “framed”

November 24, 2016
We usually come across Shakespeare’s “What is in a name?” quote when people are trying to explain that names don't really matter; that all you need to know is what something is, not what it's named. As it turns out, naming problems has had a significant effect on male pelvic pain and how it is tr...
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April 2018 Taking a Stand on Sitting I’m happy to deliver to our readers an issue that takes into consideration the contribution of sitting to pain. We had interesting conversations about the prevalence of the idea that ‘sitting is the new smoking’… and concluded that although prolonged sitting i...
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