Central Sensitization and the Shoulder

May 13, 2019
Alex Scott Is pain processed differently in people with chronic shoulder pain?
  After a soft tissue injury, nerves in the area send “threat” signals (nociceptive action potentials) to the pain system in the spinal cord and brain. The brain then generates pain to get our attention and make ...
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Improving Outcomes for Spinal Cord Injuries

May 20, 2019
Janelle Unger
  Can we improve reactive balance for people with incomplete spinal cord injuries?
  This is the question we are asking at the Lyndhurst Centre, part of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network.
  People with incomplete spinal cord injuries ...
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How Do You Measure a Trigger Point?

May 6, 2019
Mélanie Roch and Nathaly Gaudreault   Trigger points can be very painful.  A trigger point is defined as a band of contracted muscle fibers whose stimulation (palpation, pressure or physical activity) can cause pain and impaired movement pattern. The impact of trigger points is far from negligibl...
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A Passion for Women's Health

April 29, 2019
Marie-Ève Bérubé
  Do active and/or passive tissue properties of the pelvic floor muscles differ between women with and without running-induced stress urinary incontinence?
  Marie-Ève Bérubé is a doctoral candidate in the Rehabilitation Science program at the University of Ottawa, st...
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