I Love Being a PTA Because...

April 30, 2019
Andrea Hanlon
  I love being a PTA because it allows me to help others. I love being a PTA specifically in acute care as every day has new challenges. Even though I have been a PTA for over 12 years, I continue to find new things to learn, overcome new challenges and find new ways to help o...
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I Love Being a PTA Because...

May 6, 2019
Beverley Biggs (Woodman)
  The love for my career started when I was first started working as an assistant, and even though my role has changed over the years, my love of being a Physiotherapist Assistant (PTA) hasn’t.
  When I first started out, physiotherapy found me, not the other ...
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I Can't Wait to be a PTA

April 22, 2019
Kayley Schnare
  I can’t wait to be a PTA. At the time of writing this, I am just about to finish up my first of three practicum placements to conclude my OTA/PTA education. I came into the OTA/PTA program being certain on two things; firstly, I had a basic understanding of what my role as ...
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Calling PTA Students If you want to share your story as a first year in the program, your placement experience, your excitement of becoming a PTA - please send an e-mail to Kayley Schnare to express your interest in writing for our Student Corner. The NPAA is Recruiting! To find out more about th...
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