What's That About Divisions?

The CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions have partnered with the National Student Assembly (NSA) for the creation of a video to answer the biggest questions physical therapy students have regarding the 14 Divisions. The inspiration for this video came from the results of a 2014 ...
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National Student Assembly

Welcome to your section of the CPA website!
  Membership Membership in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association is FREE for physiotherapy and physiotherapist assistant students!  You are eligible for FREE PTA student membership if you are enrolled in a recognized formal education program (...
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Awards Programs

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is proud to recognize and support the leaders in our field. We do so through a comprehensive awards, grants and bursaries program that spans the CPA, the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada, and CPA's Divisions.                         
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Student Benefits

As students, you get free membership to CPA. Alongside our Branches and Divisions, CPA provides you student-tailored benefits: Free Division Membership, Awards and Research, Congress Bursaries, and Good to know. 
  Free Division Membership One of the biggest decisions of your career in phy...
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I'm Graduating! Now What?

New Grad Toolkit Transitioning from student to professional can be one of the biggest changes in life. The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) has put together a toolkit of resources that will ease the process. Below you’ll find links to learn more about the national and provincial/territor...
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2016: Priscilla Flett

You know that donations to the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (PFC) support Canadian researchers who contribute to your field. But did you know that PFC also invests in students? In 2016, CPA and PFC created two $10,000 Indigenous Student Awards to help address the significant gaps that exist...
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