Safe: care that reduces risk of unintended harm to patients as a result of physiotherapy services.  Here’s Why Patient Safety is Important Sandi N. Kossey, PT, BScPT, MHA, Senior Director, Canadian Patient Safety Institute CPA Leadership Division Executive Committee Member since 2014, CPA Member...
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July 2-4, 2017 WCPT Congress 2017 Cape Town, South Africa Please note these upcoming timelines: The call for focused symposia will be issued early December 2015 with a closing date at the end of February 2016. The call for abstracts will open in June 2016 and close in October 2016. Registrati...
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In March 2015, CPA offered a unique professional development opportunity to CPA members – and it was completely free! Therapeutic exercise touches on virtually every area of physiotherapy practice, so it is no surprise that current research evidence, clinical approaches, and points of view are ri...
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