REP 28 - The grey areas of physiotherapy practice in health, wellness and prevention: the good, the bad and the “to be determined”

March 28, 2017
As a physiotherapist working in an extremely connected and evolving landscape, there are several challenges that come with navigating the world of health and wellness. With the rise of social media, blogging and web presences, lines are starting to become blurred and different types of profession...
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REP 17 - Core Professional Values

March 25, 2019
Pat Miller, PT, PhD, Vanima Dal Bello-Haas, PT, PhD, Chantal Lauzon, PT, BSc (PT) What is this project about? The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) has partnered with Dr. Vanina Dal Bello-Haas and Dr. Pat Miller from McMaster University to identify a set of core professional values and ass...
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REP 1 - The warm up

March 1, 2017
Physiotherapists (PT), Physical Rehabilitation Therapists (P.R.T.) and Physiotherapist Assistants (PTA) are faced with difficult decisions every day. CPA wants to increase awareness and provide tools so that you know what to do if you are faced with ethical dilemmas.  By learning more about the i...
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REP 20 - On making the call: ethics in practice

March 20, 2017
When interviewing regulators and branch leaders about fraud, abuse and waste, we kept hearing the same two messages:  1. Things go wrong when people put their needs ahead of those of their patients 2. As a self-regulating profession, we have to call each other out for bad behaviour. Physiotherap...
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