What's that about Divisions?

CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions have partnered with the National Student Assembly (NSA) for the creation of a video to answer the biggest questions physical therapy students have regarding the 14 Divisions. The inspiration for this video came from the results of a 2014 nati...
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Global Health

Objectives To provide a forum for members of the CPA who are interested in all aspects of global health through the provision of timely and useful information on the GHD's website. To acquire and make available information and educational materials as related to physical therapy in the field of g...
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*/ CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions offer
significant value-added benefits to members. Acupuncture Animal Rehab Cardiorespiratory Global Health Leadership Neurosciences Oncology Orthopaedic Paediatric Pain Science Private Practice ...
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