Staff Bios

Brad Brookman, Interim Chief Executive Officer


Brad is a proactive and results-oriented senior financial services professional with over 16 years of experience in strategic planning, systems improvement, financial performance management, corporate governance, internal and external audit, forensic and fraud investigation, risk management and accounting. He is an executive team and board advisor, and a strong facilitator and team builder capable of coordinating talented professionals and producing results through collaborative and directive approaches.
T: 613-564-5454, x214

Helen Leister, Executive Assistant to CEO


Helen Leister is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. She organizes the daily activities of the CEO office and provides logistical support to the President and Board of Directors for their meetings throughout the year. Helen also provides support to the CPA Senior Management Team and the Physiotherapy Administrative Leaders (PALs). Helen also plays a lead role in organizing the joint CPA component meetings hosted by the President and Board of Directors annually.

Away from the office, Helen has two active teenagers, Alexander and Hannah, and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

T: 613-564-5454 x212



Communications Department 

Kim Tytler, Content Manager


I am a member of CPA’s lively and creative Communications team.

My primary responsibility as CPA’s Content Manager is to bring our constituents their member magazine, Physiotherapy Practice. This means brainstorming and planning issues with our Policy & Practice department to identify themes of interest and relevance to the sector, and working with authors in specific content areas. Rounding out each issue is the work I do relating to production: design, translation, printing, and distribution. I also provide communications support for National Physiotherapy Month and CPA’s Congress and Leadership Forum.

Ultimately, I work to ensure consistent and high quality resources are delivered to all CPA members.  

Off the clock, I love to cook, read and travel (I’ve been to Italy several times, visited most Canadian provinces, many New England states, and have a lengthy bucket list!). My family consists of my son Adam (a pilot!), my husband Michael, and Will and Rosie, our silly cats.
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 231

Sasha Speranzini, Communications Specialist


Nice to meet you! We might have unofficially met through some of the communication channels that I manage, like our social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), shoPTalk and  I also work with teams to brainstorm, plan and implement marketing and communication strategies. I really like being able to measure how successful we are in engaging with you, so I review Google Analytics on our websites and engagement stats on our social media.

I would live outside if I could. Love getting outside to explore near (and faraway) hiking trails. 
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 233

Patrick Rosche, Art Direction 


Hey y’all! I’ve been performing art direction duties at CPA since 2011. What does that actually mean? I’m glad you asked! I’m responsible for establishing and maintaining the look and feel of CPA’s visual brand. This includes designing our annual Congress logo and materials, CPA’s annual report, various advertisements, handouts, association emails, and more.

In my downtime, I’m a competitive-ish obstacle racer, a grilled cheese enthusiast, and an expert in the field of late-‘90s/early-‘00s dance-pop.
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 211


Practice and Policy Department 

Kate O'Connor, Director


As the Director of Practice and Policy, Kate is responsible for advocating for the profession through policy and government relations and engaging in broader health system advocacies activities. Kate works hard to demonstrate CPA’s commitment to enhancing the link between scientific research and translation of this knowledge to clinical evidence-based practice. She also strives to support Branches in their advocacy activities and engage with Divisions, recognizing their expertise in research and clinical practice. 
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 232
Twitter: @CPA_Kate

Chantal Lauzon, P.T. and Senior Practice Manager


Chantal Lauzon is the Senior Practice Manager. As a staff physiotherapist, she fields questions from all CPA departments as well as from members and the public.  As part of the Practice and Policy team, she works collaboratively with other departments and key stakeholders on projects with a national scope.  Chantal brings with her 20 years of experience as a clinician and leader in a hospital setting and as a volunteer at the Eastern Ontario district of the OPA.

After work, you can usually find Chantal with her nose in a book or looking for new recipes on Pinterest to feed her husband Rich, an artist/college professor and her offspring Catherine, Sam and Christine. 
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 252

Twitter: @CPA_Chantal

Kerry Kittson, Physiotherapist, Practice and Policy Coordinator


Kerry is a registered physiotherapist and the Practice and Policy Coordinator. She leads the FOTO Program, the electronic outcome measures (eOM) initiative that brings value to physiotherapy practices across the country. She has also conducted an environmental scan of rural and remote access to physiotherapy in Canada. Kerry assists the Practice and Policy department with physiotherapy knowledge mobilization and other projects as well.

Kerry enjoys yoga, dancing, dragon boating, soccer, skiing, and music!

T: 613-564-5454 ext. 253
Twitter: @CPA_Kerry

Tim Paquette, Manager of Career Pathway Programs


Tim Paquette is the Manager of the Career Pathway Programs. He comes to this position with direct project management and promotion experience, provincially and nationally, as well international experience in the area of project development activities.

Tim has boundless energy and enthusiasm for everything that he does and enjoys being busy and active, especially through hockey. Tim is also a proud father of two teens, Arianna and Dean, and is supported by his wife Sandii.
T: 613-564-5454 x 223


Melissa Anderson, P.T., Senior Policy Advisor


Melissa is the Senior Policy Advisor.  As part of the Practice and Policy team, she helps to advance the profession through the development of evidence informed policy, advocacy initiatives and other national projects.  Melissa hails from New Brunswick, bringing 23 years’ experience as a physiotherapist and manager to CPA.  As a former president of NBPA, Melissa understands the challenges faced by branches in carrying out advocacy work with a limited number of volunteers.  

Melissa and her husband, Steve, are quickly becoming “empty-nesters” as their three teenaged daughters (Erin, Kate and Robyn) make their transition from high school to university.
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 236

Twitter: @CPA_Melissa


Member Services 

Jason Blow, Director


Jason and the Member Services team, with support from the rest of the CPA family, listens and responds to all member inquiries. Along with a very engaged and knowledgeable team, he seeks opportunities to provide further value for the members by evaluating, and searching for, programs which enhance the members professional and personal lives. He works directly, and indirectly, with all Component (Branch, Division and Assembly) leaders with an overall goal of growing membership in order for the CPA to be representative of the physiotherapy profession in Canada, which leads to the ability to provide a stronger voice when advocating the importance of physiotherapy practice within the Canadian health care system.

Away from the office, Jason enjoys biking, golfing, hiking, walking his dog, all with his family.
T: 613-564-5454 x221

Megan Griffiths, Program Manager


Megan is CPA’s Membership Program Manager. Her goal is to create a world-class member experience to support members in achieving their personal and professional goals. She spends her days determining members’ needs, developing relationships with strategic partners to build solutions, and communicating the solutions to the members in a clear, informative way.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys skiing, dancing and spending time with her friends and family.
T: 613-564-5454 x 245

Kassandra Simcox, Member Services Representative


Kassandra is able to assist with membership inquiries and member needs, ranging from insurance to benefits, and much more. Kassandra is extremely excited to be working in such a passionate and enthusiastic environment! She looks forward to learning and growing with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

In her spare time, she enjoys coaching youth soccer in her community, playing an array of sports herself and spending as much time with family as possible.
T: 613-564-5454 x 225 

Marsha Bisson, Components Coordinator


Marsha is the Components Coordinator for the Divisions, National Student Assembly (NSA) and the National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA). Since joining the CPA in 2013, Marsha coordinates, among other things, the Division Chairs’ Committee, National Student Assembly and National Physiotherapists Assistant Assembly meetings. In her spare time, Marsha is working towards her Diploma in Human Resources from McMaster University.

Outside of work, Marsha enjoys cycling and walking their loveable golden retriever Bing. She is married to David and they have two beautiful children, Madeleine and Benjamin.
T: 613-564-5454 x251 

Tamas Kiraly, Manager of Governance and Component Relations


Tamas is Manager of Governance and Component Relations; reporting to the Director of Member Services, his job is to ensure that CPA's activities meet regulatory requirements and our own sets of rules (Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, etc.). Tamas supports the Board Governance Committee and participates in preparing the meetings of the Board of Directors, the Division Chairs, Branch Presidents and the Assemblies. He also manages projects that support CPA's strategic planning.

In his free time Tamas enjoys the outdoors in every Canadian season (and never gives up learning to skate) and spends a lot of time with his dogs. 
T: 613-564-5454 x 246

Cassandra Ransom, Member Services Representative


Cass is able to assist with general inquiries in addition to any inquiries pertaining to membership, member benefits, and insurance.This will include in part, activating accounts, adding insurance/divisions and more. She is also the Awards Program Coordinator; a new project she is working on. She feels honoured to be a part of such a special program within the Association.  

In her spare time she enjoys aqua fitness, adult colouring books, and spending time with friends and family.
T: 613-564-5454 x 210

Brittney Stoddart, Member Services Representative


Brittney is the newest addition to the member services team. She is excited to assist members with their inquiries and is determined to provide them with the best possible support – including membership insurance, benefits or helping to best navigate the website. Brittney is looking forward to being a part of such an encouraging team and looks forward to speaking with you.

In her spare time, Brittney enjoys working out, binging on Netflix (which of course includes some serious snacking), going to the movies, spending time with friends and family and taking the opportunity to explore and try out as many new things as possible!
T: 613-564-5454 ext. 201


Operations Department

Jeanne Franche, Accounting Manager


Jeanne is the Accounting Manager. Responsible to the Controller, Jeanne oversees the day-to-day accounting activities of the CPA (including National and Divisions) and the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada.

Jeanne’s main responsibilities include: Supervision of the work of the CPA finance team, financial reporting for the CPA, Divisions and PFC; tax compliance and interpretation (GST filing, etc.); liaison with external auditors for CPA and PFC; and various HR responsibilities such as payroll.   

On a personal note, in August 2016, Jeanne received her CPA, CGA designation- after four long years of studying and working full-time. She is married to Frédéric, and she has one child, Amy.
T : 613-564-5454 ext. 235

Erika Churchill, Accounting Coordinator


Erika is the Accounting Coordinator. She has been part of the CPA family since 2012. She works closely with the rest of the finance team to ensure proper accounting procedures are being followed, and is always looking for ways to the accounting process.  She also works directly with CPA members for finance-related questions.  She knows the importance of safety at work! She is a volunteer member of the Health and Safety Committee and also fire warden for the office.  

When she isn’t working hard in her office, she is at enjoying time with her two children, Tyler and Breanna, her fiancé, Nic, and of course her dog Jake and cat Garfield.
T : 613-564-5454 ext 229