I have made access to my website with online stroke exercise classes free to all long-term care homes in Nova Scotia, residential facilities supporting adults with an intellectual and physical disability, stroke rehab discharge programs, stroke clubs, as well as all of my own patients. We have also been able to begin offering telehealth services for neuro and vestibular rehab through our clinics. I am so very proud of all of our therapists in how quickly they embraced the modification of delivery of our very valuable services, as well as the use of technology and ensuring our patients felt comfortable and safe with the service delivery. We have had extremely positive feedback from patients with their experiences.

It is incredible how versatile we are as a profession, and this crisis has only shone a spotlight on the resourcefulness, skills, and integrity we all possess. I am so very proud to be a physiotherapist.

Stay safe, everyone, and keep up all the great work. We are a truly amazing profession!

Susan Ehler PT
Co-owner Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centers Owner Ehler Physio and Health Consultants