The CPA would like to thank Sun Life Canada for its commitment announced yesterday to provide coverage for virtual health care services. We applaud Sun Life Canada for showing the necessary leadership to enable Canadians to continue to access care needed to regain mobility, maintain health, and manage pain while limiting exposure to COVID-19 by staying home. The commitment to reimburse for tele-rehab consultations and virtual visits with physiotherapists also gives patients and providers some much needed financial certainty during an otherwise uncertain time. Thank you for helping to keep Canadians and communities healthy and safe.  We look forward to engaging in ongoing collaborative relationships with other major insurance carriers to support Canadians during this time.

The CPA was and remains active in discussions with Sun Life Canada to advocate for the coverage of tele-rehabilitation and virtual health care services, and with its branches, is continuing to advocate that other third-party insurance providers take steps to scale up coverage. We are also working with the federal and provincial governments to ensure physiotherapists are recognized as health care service providers eligible to access any government funding to support tele-rehab and virtual provision of care that is issued as part of the COVID-19 response. As always, the CPA encourages members to consult with their regulatory body and to ensure that you are informed and prepared to provide virtual care, keeping patient safety, risk management, privacy, and consent at the forefront of decision-making.