A special thank you to the CPA's Divisions for providing the content that encompasses the Virtual Summit Series program.

Introduction to Individualized Perscription of Ankle-Foot Orthoses for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Content Provided by: The CPA's Paediatric Division
Speaker: Dr. Kyra Kane
Session Description: Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are frequently prescribed to address walking impairments in children with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy (CP). Determining the best orthotic design for each individual child presents an important clinical challenge. This session will overview the biomechanical mechanisms of AFO intervention for this population and evidence-informed clinical recommendations designed to improve individualized AFO prescription outcomes.
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Interprofessional Perspectives for Pelvic Health Conditions

Content Provided by: The CPA's Women's Health Division
Speaker: Grecia Alaniz
Session Description: This presentation aims to highlight current pre-licensure health care student perspectives on conservative care management for pelvic floor disorders, identify current university pre-licensure health care educational approaches to pelvic floor disorders as they relate to current evidence, and discsuss interprofessional educational opportunities to further physiotherapy engagement in interprofessional dynamics as it relates to pelvic floor disorders.
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Climate Change: A Contemporary Challenge to Public Health - Will Physiotherapists Sit on the Sidelines or Take Action?

Content Provided by: The CPA's Global Health Division
Speakers: Dr. Shaun Cleaver, Mathieu Simard
Session Description: Participants in this workshop will collectively identify roles that physiotherapists can play in addressing the climate crisis. The climate crisis is already a major public health concern. To limit the negative health impacts, it is necessary to review our impacts on carbon emissions and the contributions that we can make to promoting health in a changing climate.
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Basics of Vestibular Rehabilitation

Speaker: Karen Reimer, BMRP.T, MSc (Rehab)
Session Description: The Vestibular Physiotherapy Presentation starts with an overview of what the vestibular system is, its function and purpose, and why it is so important. It then moves on to describe the most common dysfunctions/disorders, such as peripheral vestibular hypofunction, labyrinths, neuritis, Meniere's Syndrome, BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), and central vestibular disorders such as traumatic brain injury, to name only a few. These disorders impact people in a myriad of ways and this presentation will assist those attending to understand that while each person is unique in their experience, they also have some commonalities. A general overview of how vestibular physiotherapy is used to treat the disorders will be given as well.
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Foot Strengthening: Building a Foundation

Content Provided by: The CPA's Orthopaedic Division
Speaker: Dr. Jena Ogston
Session Description: This presentation, directed at orthopaedic clinicians, will include a brief overview of foot and ankle function in supporting lower extremity biomechanics. Following, literature will be reviewed on what is currently known about foot strengthening interventions and footwear influences. Lastly, recent research will guide the development of a progressive foot strengthening program that can be applied to patients throughout their lifespan.
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Hip Surveillance for Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy: Canadian Experiences and Initiatives

Content Provided by: The CPA's Paediatric Division
Speakers: Stacey Miller, Barbara Kelly, Dr. Kyra Kane
Session Description: This session will describe hip displacement in children with cerebral palsy and the evidence for effectiveness of systematic hip surveillance. Hip surveillance initiatives in Canada will be discussed and the key role physiotherapists play in the early identification and screening of children at risk will be highlighted.

*The recording of this webinar is unavailable due to technical difficulties.

Government Support and Tax Matters You Want to Know in the COVID-19 Era

Speakers: Joshua Smith, CPA, CA (Partner, Welch LLP), Jessica Zhang-Chapman, CPA, CGA, CIA (Senior Manager, Welch LLP)
Session Description: In response to COVID-19 government support programs and certain tax matters, Welch LLP will be presenting the webinar as a professional and personal resource for individuals and businesses dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. From employees and employers to self-employed individuals, this webinar will go over the basics for those who may be claiming home office expenses for the first time, while also serving as a refresher and update for changes in the COVID-19 context.
Watch Now: https://embodiaapp.com/courses/814-government-support-and-tax-matters-you-want-to-know-in-the-covid-19-era-canadian-physiotherapy-association?authenticated=1
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Addressing Racism in the Workplace: A Personal Step Towards Reconciliation

Content Provided by: The CPA's Global Health Division
Speakers: Dr. Moni Fricke, Debra Beach-Ducharme, Lisa Arcobelli, Allana Beavis, Priscilla Flett & Dr. Sarah Oosman
Session Description: Based on an innovative educational approach, this session will be a combination of lecture format, role-playing, and small group debrief. Following a brief introduction, communication strategies for difficult conversations will be introduced. Participants will then apply these strategies using role-playing to simulate a clinical scenario depicting racial microaggressions in the workplace towards Indigenous persons, followed by a facilitated debrief.

*Please note that this session will be an interactive session and will require your audio and video participation throughout.

**Due to the sensitive nature of this topic and to ensure openness of the dialogue in the session, this webinar was not recorded. Look out for a follow-up session in the new year!