A Vision for OTA/PTA in Canada: Invitation to Participate: Online Discussion

Thank you for your interest in being included an online discussion to engage stakeholders regarding the establishment of a vision for OTAs and PTAs in Canada.  The Vision OTA/PTA project will select 100-120 participants from a range of stakeholder groups to contribute to discussions related to OTA/PTA practice and the role of OTA/PTAs in health care teams currently and into the future. The discussion themes will include topics such as OTA and PTA competency profiles, the title used by OTA/PTAs, supervision of OTA/PTAs, regulation of OTA/PTAs, and OTA/PTA access to professional associations. We will be exploring participant perspectives on each of the themes towards a broader understanding of the barriers and facilitators to optimizing the contribution of OTA/PTAs to the health and wellness of Canadians in partnership with occupational therapists and physical therapists.

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