Who Should Attend?


Are you a clinician who is working in public or private practice setting with an adult population?

Then the information shared at Forum 2019 will be relevant to your practice. If you work in a direct care setting, honing your clinical skills that promote healthy aging will help you positively influence the trajectory of your clients’ lives as they age.  Undoubtedly this success will increase your satisfaction with your ability to meet your clients’ needs and also help you build a caseload that trusts you are providing comprehensive care that not only meets their needs today but helps them be best prepared for tomorrow. 

Are you a PTA looking to add to your professional development?

Come join us at the Seniors Forum!  PTAs are the ideal health care providers to help the public understand how the aging process works. This includes, tips to stay healthy throughout life.


Are you a leader or a clinic owner?

Improving your confidence and competence in advocacy will help you interact with decision makers and insurers to promote the value of the service your team provides. You will have opportunities to interact with your peers from across Canada who are facing the same challenges and barriers in their workplace. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and share solutions. Who knows what future opportunities for collaboration might come out of a conversation at the snack table?

Are you an educator and/or researcher?

This forum is a great opportunity for you to make connections with clinicians from across the country who may be interested in becoming a research site.

Are you a student?

Just 10 years after you graduate, more than half of those accessing health care will be over the age of 65. What better time than when you are student to begin learning how to promote health and wellness in this age demographic. Not only that, this forum provides numerous networking opportunities with physical therapy mentors from all over the country. This is a great opportunity to supplement your education and something you can share when building your new resume.




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