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Febuary 2017 in Advocacy

Here's what CPA's Practice and Policy team has been up to this month:

  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association part of new Coalition of Health Professions to Focus on Reducing Number of New Opioid Users

    A new Coalition of Health Professions has been formed to develop solutions for reducing the number of new opioid users.Right now, the most immediate focus in addressing Canada’s opioid crisis is on those most immediately at risk from prescribed and illicit opioids, including harm reduction efforts. However, over the longer term, prevention becomes more important in reducing the future extent of the crisis. Members of the “Upstream” Coalition are the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, Canadian Chiropractic Association, Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Pain Society, Canadian Pharmacists Association, Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Canadian Psychological Association.
    This group brings together professions who all have an important role in non-cancer pain management in primary care settings, including those who play a central role in helping patients with navigating their care options

    As a Coalition, we have an important voice in helping to inform the development of a better approach to pain management in Canada that is less reliant on opioids, including closely looking at how to better integrate and improve access to alternatives to opioids. The Coalition started its work in February, 2017 with the goal of a final report with recommendations by September, 2017.

  • 30 REPS: We are so excited to share this campaign with you and hope that you will participate and share it with others.  Every day in March, we will post a blog concerning fraud, abuse and waste. We hope that these stories and reflections will inspire the physiotherapy profession to protect our good reputation, and to help start a conversation around ethics and professionalism. Talk soon!