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2022 Advocacy

April 2022

Responding to the Study of Labour Shortages, Working Conditions, and the Care Economy

Over the next ten years, the growth in demand for physiotherapists in Canada will outstrip the number of new job seekers entering the profession. The labour shortage in the industry will continue to persist at a national level, and the aging population, coupled with longer life expectancy, means the demand for health professionals, including physiotherapists, physiotherapy technologists and physiotherapist assistants will sharply increase. This will result in a reduced availability of physiotherapy services, for a profession that is already experiencing burnout and exhaustion. Unfortunately, this experience for those working in the industry has been compounded by the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian healthcare system.

Announcing the CPA's Future of Licensure Project

Recognizing the urgency for a profession-wide dialogue on the future of licensure and competency assessment for physiotherapy and developing a long-term solution to the gaps exposed from the pandemic, the CPA is introducing its CPA Future of Licensure Project. The CPA’s Future of Licensure Project consists of a Future of Licensure Taskforce, an environmental scan and the development of a critical report and recommendations to guide profession-wide alignment on a long-term, national approach to addressing licensure and competency assessment in the profession for the future. 

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