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News - September 2017 in Advocacy


1. CPA wants to help members understand the implications of the proposed federal tax changes. For more information, please review this MNP Webinar: Proposed Tax Changes and Impacts on Professional Corporations and look for an upcoming email from CPA’s CEO.

2. Sport Physiotherapy Canada and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association are working with Parachute and the Canadian Concussion Collaborative to ensure that there’s recognition of physiotherapy as a valued member of the team.

3. CPA CEO Brad Brookman attended the September HEAL (Organizations for Heal Action) meeting.

Topics of discussion and action items included:

The Canadian Way

Federal Government - Strengthen Health Care Mandate: Marcel Sauinier - Health Canada

  • Comment statement of principles on shared health priorities
  • Measuring accountability: better understand ROI for government and how they measure outcomes for whether the funding provided is being used for the intended purpose. Research via CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) using the best metrics to measure progress in home care, accessibility and mental health services
  • Indigenous Health Outcomes - FNHIB (First Nations and Inuit Health Branch) part of the portfolio and initiatives 
  • Continue working on opioid crisis and


  • Public Consultation process in the provinces

4. Director of Practice and Policy Kate O’Connor attended the Extended Health Provider coalition meeting and discussed inconsistency in policies for health coverage by insurance companies, the tax reform, and pressures on increase academic entry to practise requirements for different professions.

5. There is a new Minister of Health at the Federal Level and there are significant changes happening to Indigenous Affairs. CPA is proactively seeking to engage with new Ministers.