Members’ Meeting 2020

Thank you for joining us in our recent Members’ Meeting on Sunday, August 16, 2020. Below, you’ll find the slide deck and the link to view the meeting, should you wish to review what was discussed or for those who did not have a chance to join us. We highlighted what we have been working on and what our strategic plan is for the year ahead.

Members’ Meeting 2020 Slide Deck

Members’ Meeting 2020 with Audio

CPA Submission to the Canadian Pain Task Force (CPTF)

Pain Science to Practice Discussion Groups

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the complexities of pain?

Do you ever feel uncertain about how to use pain science to help your patients?

Do you want to feel more confident reading and interpreting pain research?

Do you want to connect with local rehabilitation professionals interested in better understanding and managing pain and pain-related disability?

Take charge of your learning and consider joining or starting your own Pain Science to Practice discussion group! These groups meet once a month to discuss pain research and its applications to clinical practice. 

Contact Tori Etheridge, at, if you would like to register for a group or if you would like to start a group in your own area. A PSD-approved framework document for starting your own Pain Science to Practice group is provided to PSD members upon request, as well as support via e-mail.

  • If you are in the Montreal, QC area, please send an e-mail to Arthur, at, to let him know if you’re interested in joining.
  • If you are in the Hamilton, ON area, please send an e-mail to Veronica, at, to let her know if you’re interested in joining.
  • If you are in the Kingston, ON area, please send an e-mail to Tony, at, to let him know if you’re interested in joining their first meeting in January 2019!

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Register NOW for the PSD’s Mentorship Program!

The PSD is committed to providing resources and opportunities for professional development in the field of pain, with the ultimate objective of raising the quality of physical therapy care for Canadians suffering from pain. PSD is now accepting applications for PSD members wishing to engage in a 1-year mentorship program with an experienced mentor. Application requirements are detailed at the end of this page. The application deadline is May 26th, 2018.

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Pain Assessment

A toolbox of outcome measures, assessment strategies, and research related to pain assessment.

Pain Education

Find out more about university-level physiotherapy education, clinical specialization, and professional development opportunities.

Pain Management

Start here for pain interventions, treatment strategies, and pain management research.

Pain Networks

Stay connected with the pain community through these clinic profiles, Conference and Association reviews, and researcher profiles.

Understanding Pain

Shedding light on pain mechanisms and theoretical considerations, plus clinician and patient perspectives on pain. 

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