Every 3 years, holders of the Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) post-graduate SPC Certificate (hereafter called Certificate), and post-graduate Diploma (hereafter called Diploma) are required to present the following documentation in support of maintenance of their status. The Credentials Compliance Team is a branch of the Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) National Executive Committee who ensures ongoing review and development of the SPC Credential Program. As part of their duties, this committee ensure that all credential holders have the appropriate experience and meet the minimum requirements for Maintenance of Credentials and will be in charge of reviewing all Maintenance of Credentials applications. In order to use an SPC Credentials title, market yourself as a credentials holder or apply for a position that requires it, you must maintain your credentials.


The “3-year” timeline is calculated from January 1st of the year you successfully completed the practical examination to December 31st three years later. Requirements must be completed within this timeline.

To maintain Sport Physiotherapy Canada Credential Program status, you must have a current Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and SPC membership. You must also hold liability insurance which provides the insured party protection while treating Canadian athletes both inside and outside of Canada. Additionally, you must maintain under one of the following three categories:



  1. Maintenance of Credentials Application Form: APPLICATION FORM
  2. Please send the completed form as a PDF to the Credentials Officer at credentials@sportphysio.ca titled ‘Maintenance of Credentials’ along with your most recent First Responder certification
  3. After approval, an invoice of $125 (+tax) will be sent to your application email

Following payment, you will be sent your official letter of completion and your credentials will be updated in your account. You will also be provided access to the Core Competency Courses within your credential level.

Please be advised that a late fee applies for all forms received past the expiration of your previous Maintenance of Credentials. Late Maintenance will be charged $20 (+tax) per year. All Credentials are processed from January to December of a 3-year calendar block, and the renewal deadline is December 31st.

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