May Knowledge Translation Theme: Learning Styles

Did you know?
Chinese philosopher and reformer Confucius (551-479 BCE) is credited with
stating “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” It’s
important to remember that this quote names all three types of learning. It’s not just the
doing that brings understanding. We all have different strengths in how we learn. It is
often stated that there are three learning styles- auditory, visual and kinesthetic. That’s
why we show activities, we verbally explain them and we get children or families or
assistants to trial activities.

Did you know?
Our ability to learn is affected by our emotional and mental well-being. This is true both
for the families we serve, and for ourselves. Stress, anxiety and emotional instability can
affect concentration and hinder learning. Effective education needs to take these things
into consideration.

Did you know?
I think my favourite F-words are Fun with my Family in the Future.
Of course, Function and Fitness, they’re important too.
For some reason I can’t remember the last one. Is it Forgetfulness?
No, I remember now, my Friend reminded me!
They are all good words to remember when looking at Childhood Disability.

Memorization methods and how they work-
As individuals, we have different learning abilities and memorization techniques to
process and retain information in our brains. Emotional changes affect our learning
abilities as well. Check out the link below to learn the ways our brain retains memory.

Discover your learning style
Every person has a different learning style to understand and process new information,
express the processed information and memorize it. Check out the link below to learn
different types of learning styles.

Discover Your Learning Style

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