Please note due to the pandemic, awards, bursaries, and recognitions were not presented in recent years. Please check back for opportunities in 2023. All the best to future candidates!

GHD Champions

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) Global Health Award is presented annually to a CPA member who has augmented the profile of physiotherapy globally. The GHD seeks to recognize previous CPA Global Health Award winners and other Canadian Physiotherapists who have made a substantial impact on global health. 

CPA Global Health Award Winners

2020 – Dr. Matthew Hunt

2019 – No Award Granted

2018 – Robin Roots

2017 – No Award Granted

2016 – Michelle Fraser

2015 – No Award Granted

2014 – Stephanie Nixon

2013 – No Award Granted

2012 – No Award Granted

2011 – Beth Langille

2010 – Shaun Cleaver

2009 – Hilary Crowley

2008 – Kathy Mulder

2007 – Julie Hard

2006 – Nicole Charlebois-Refae

2005 – Marion Current

2004 – Michel Landry

2003 – Mary Martin & G. Elizabeth Tata 

2002 – Kenneth Hill

CPA Enid Graham Memorial Lecture Award Winners

2020 – Dr. Michel Landry – “What’s Past is Prologue” Lecture

2013 – Hilary Crowley – “Grasping the Nettle” Lecture

CPA Life Membership Award Winner

2020 – Hilary Crowley

WCPT International Service Award – Practice

2015 – Dr. Michel Landry

WCPT International Service Award – Education

2015 – Mary Martin

Blog Contributor Bursaries

GHD members who are clinicians who contribute content to our website will be entered to win a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the GHD for the following membership year. Provide us with a posting for our website by December 31st and you will be entered into the draw.

Clinician Free Membership Winners ($35)

2019 – Lisa Pearson – Malawi & Ethiopia

2017 – Natalie Langstaff – Ukraine
          – Anik Goulet – St. Lucia, Haiti

2016 – Nicholas Simatos Arsenault – Canada

2015 – Kerra Quinn – Botswana, Tanzania

Student Free Membership Winners ($35)

2016 – Rachelle MacDonald – India

2015 – Corey Kim – South Africa

2014 – Geneviève Sirois-Leclerc – Mexico

2013 – Naomi Casiro- Argentina

Student and Clinician Bursaries

The GHD Global Physiotherapy Bursary, valued at up to $500, is awarded annually to one or more successful candidates who are members of the GHD. The funding must be used for one of the following:

  • Attending a Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) Congress.
  • Attending a World Physiotherapy Congress.
  • Attending an educational event (in-person or virtually) related to global health.
  • Engaging in socially responsible global health volunteering, work, or research, which may include, but is not limited to, humanitarian work abroad, emergency preparedness/response, inner city health, vulnerably housed populations, rural and remote health, newcomers to Canada health, Indigenous health, social justice, and health equity.

If selected as a bursary winner, the candidate will be required to contribute a post or video to the GHD blog, or the Global Physio Podcast within one month of attending the event or completing the volunteer, work, or research initiative.

Application Deadline: March 15

Application Form

Clinician Bursary Winners

2018 – Hilary Crowley – Congress Montreal18

2017 – No Award Granted

2016 – Elizabeth Harvey – Nicaragua

2015 – Andrea Mendoza – India

2014 – Karen Penwell – Nepal

2012 – Gillian Coates – Nepal

2011 – Michelle Pieke – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Other Funding Sources

Drs Buski Lakhani International Travel Bursaries

Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield (Edmonton, AB)

Global Health Travel Awards

Indigenous Student Award

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