GHD Champions

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) Global Health Award is presented annually to a CPA member who has augmented the profile of physiotherapy globally. The GHD seeks to recognize previous CPA Global Health Award winners and other Canadian Physiotherapists who have made a substantial impact on global health. 

CPA Global Health Award Winners

2020 - Dr. Matthew Hunt

2019 - No Award Granted

2018 - Robin Roots

2017 - No Award Granted

2016 - Michelle Fraser

2015 - No Award Granted

2014 - Stephanie Nixon

2013 - No Award Granted

2012 - No Award Granted

2011 - Beth Langille



2010 - Shaun Cleaver

2009 - Hilary Crowley

2008 - Kathy Mulder

2007 - Julie Hard

2006 - Nicole Charlebois-Refae

2005 - Marion Current

2004 - Michel Landry

2003 - Mary Martin & G. Elizabeth Tata 

2002 - Kenneth Hill

CPA Enid Graham Memorial Lecture Award Winners

2020 - Dr. Michel Landry - "What's Past is Prologue" Lecture

2013 - Hilary Crowley - "Grasping the Nettle" Lecture

CPA Life Membership Award Winner

2020 - Hilary Crowley

WCPT International Service Award - Practice

2015 - Dr. Michel Landry

WCPT International Service Award - Education

2015 - Mary Martin


Blog Contributor Bursaries

GHD members who are clinicians who contribute content to our website will be entered to win a FREE MEMBERSHIP to the GHD for the following membership year. Provide us with a posting for our website by December 31st and you will be entered into the draw.


Clinician Bursaries

The GHD Global Physiotherapy Bursary, valued at up to $500, is awarded annually to one or more successful candidates who are members of the GHD. The funding must be used for one of the following:

  • Attending a Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) Congress.
  • Attending a World Physiotherapy Congress.
  • Attending an educational event (in-person or virtually) related to global health.
  • Engaging in socially responsible global health volunteering, work, or research, which may include, but is not limited to, humanitarian work abroad, emergency preparedness/response, inner city health, vulnerably housed populations, rural and remote health, newcomers to Canada health, Indigenous health, social justice, and health equity.

If selected as a bursary winner, the candidate will be required to contribute a post or video to the GHD blog, vlog, or the Global Physio Podcast within one month of attending the event or completing the volunteer, work, or research initiative.

Application Deadline: March 15

Application Form - Clinician Bursary

Clinician Bursary Winners

2018 - Hilary Crowley - Congress Montreal18

2017 - No Award Granted

2016 - Elizabeth Harvey - Nicaragua

2015 - Andrea Mendoza - India

2014 - Karen Penwell - Nepal

2012 - Gillian Coates - Nepal

2011 - Michelle Pieke - Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Other Funding Sources

Drs Buski Lakhani International Travel Bursaries

Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield (Edmonton, AB)

Congress Student Bursary Program

Global Health Travel Awards

Indigenous Student Award