The CPA is proud to announce that we now are a recognized partner of Long COVID Physio. Long COVID Physio is an international peer support, education and advocacy, patient-led association of Physiotherapists living with Long COVID and allies. The group works internationally across advocacy, policy, guideline development and research.

“The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is excited to partner with the leaders and patients with lived experience who comprise the team at Long COVID Physio. Their continued efforts to raise the profile of Long COVID impacts and the need for continued research, advocacy, policy, training and education is work we are proud to support. This partnership will allow the CPA to help build and inform the necessary supports for rehabilitation professionals and the patient populations they care for, who are living with Long COVID.” – Amanda de Chastelain, President, Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA)

“Partnerships are critical to connect and create change. Long COVID Physio is proud to officially partner with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. We will build on our established foundations to evolve our partnership and forge new opportunities for change, in response to Long COVID in Canada and around the world.” – Darren Brown, Chair of Long COVID Physio

You can learn more about the work of this group by clicking here. We were excited to welcome several members of the Long COVID Physio executive during the May 26, 2022 webinar titled, “Long COVID and Physiotherapy – Canadian Perspectives on Supporting Patient Care & Well-Being”. Learn more here.