Switch to Canada’s fastest 5G network.1

Get this Exclusive Partner Program plan with tons of data.

Ultimate Plan
75 GB for $49/mo.
when you bring your own phone.*

●75 GB of shareable data at our fastest available 5G+ speeds and unlimited data up to 512 Kbps thereafter2

● HD video and unlimited calling, texting & data

Offer ends August 14, 2024.3 One-time Connection Service Fee ($60) applies. *New activations only.

To redeem this exclusive offer, follow these five easy steps:

  1. Visit bell.ca/epp or call 1 833 964-4484
  2. Register as new user, choose ‘Personal Email’ option
  3. Enter Physiotherapy Association in the company/association field and select your company from the drop-down
  4. Upload proof of Physiotherapy Association membership (PDF or JPG formats)
  5. Check out your exclusive offers from Bell

Current as of June 30, 2024. 5G available in select areas. See bell.ca/5G. Available with compatible devices within network coverage areas available from Bell Mobility. Connection service fee ($60) will appear on your first bill. 9-1-1 government monthly fee in AB.: $0.95, N.B.: $0.97, N.L.: $0.75, N.S.: $0.43, P.E.I.: $0.70, Qué.: $0.52, N.W.T.: $1.70. SK.: $2.08. Bell remits required amount to government. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. Subject to change without notice, not combinable with other offers. (1) Based on a third-party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScore) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks. Bell.ca/network. Available with compatible devices within Bell Mobility’s network coverage areas. Offers subject to change without notice. 5G/5G+ access requires a compatible device and a compatible rate plan (even if a 5G/5G+ symbol appears on your device). Coverage is approximate, may vary and may not include indoor coverage; see bell.ca/5G. Speed, performance and whether a 5G/5G+ device uses the available 5G/5G+ network depend on various factors including: your rate plan, topography, environmental conditions, the current serving radio conditions at your location and whether the device is actively downloading or uploading data. Access is subject to Bell’s management of network resources, using methods which include Internet traffic management practices. See bell.ca/ITMP. (2) Speeds of up to 512 Kbps for light web browsing, email and messaging (3) Offer ends August 14, 2024. Ultimate Plan: With new activations when you bring your own phone. Bring-your-own phone rate plans are on a 30-day term and will continue month-to-month thereafter. Rates are subject to change. Reduced data speeds beyond max. speed data will be provided at up to 512 kilobits per second. You can continue to use data at these reduced speeds until your next monthly bill period. See bell.ca/mobilitytermsofservice. Unlimited Canada calling and texting: Applies to calls made from Canada to a Canadian number or calls received from any number while you are inside Canada. Only available in Canada. Sent texts include texts sent to a Canadian phone number while in Canada and exclude texts sent to a landline, to a U.S. or international phone number, premium texts (short codes), alerts, texts sent with a messaging application and roaming (international GSM texts). Received texts include texts received while in Canada and exclude roaming, premium texts (short codes), alerts or dial-up texts received from a messaging application. Out of bundle charges may apply. Screen images are simulated. All other trademarks and logos used are trademarks of their respective owners. © 2024 Bell Canada. All rights reserved.