Clinical Specialty Area: Sport Physiotherapy

Years in Practice: 19

Areas of Interest: Injury prevention. Sport emergency care.  Biomechanics of sport techniques/sport injuries: video analysis.  Return to sport performance.  Intra-Muscular Stimulation – Needling.  Manual therapy.  Forensic rehabilitation and court expertise.  Teaching.

Where do you hope to see the profession in 25 years?

The Physiotherapy profession is in a unique position to assume a major role in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal dysfunction in our present and future health care.  Our clinical skill set permits us to assess the athlete early at the sport venue and enables us to deliver optimal care for a safe, prompt and effective return to sport.  In 25 years, my wish is to see our scope of practice widen with imagery prescription to complement our assessment skills and medication prescription to complement our musculoskeletal intervention.

Why did you choose to become a clinical specialist?

For me, the Sport Clinical Specialty has been a peer-recognised milestone in my professional journey.  The process permitted me to reflect on past experiences and future goals and unexpectedly, it has introduced me to a powerful network of pan-Canadian specialists/leaders outside of my field.


Christian Séguin graduated in 1997 from the University of Ottawa with a B.Sc. in physiotherapy.  His previous 11-year experience as Critical Care Flight and Land Paramedic motivated him into turning to Sport Physiotherapy and on-site sport emergency care.  Following his Sport Certificate (1999) and Sport Diploma (2001), he has been serving regularly as Canadian Team Therapist and Chief Therapist for multiple international games.  Yearly, he assists as examiner in the national examination process for the Sport Physiotherapy Canada division of CPA.

Since 2001, his interest and training in forensic rehabilitation has exposed him to regular court expertise experiences for the Superior Court of Ontario.  He also collaborated in with various companies as physiotherapy consultant providing clinical feedback on product use and fitting, rehabilitation strategies and return to work programs.

Christian obtained a Clinical Doctorate in Physiotherapy in March 2015.  He is the owner and physiotherapist at the Active Sport Physiotherapy Clinic in Cornwall, Ontario.