A new self-paced online course made specifically for clinicians to get the most out of your Pilates training.

This course begins by showcasing foundational Pilates exercises, but goes far beyond what you would normally cover in a layperson’s Pilates course.

Learn beginner and intermediate Classical Reformer repertoire with succinct explanations and demonstrations. Everything you would be taught in a conventional Reformer Pilates course and more, without the redundant anatomy. But most importantly, learn how to use the exercises for both assessment and treatment.

Develop a strong grasp of the mechanics so that you can confidently get creative and unlock the true benefits of the apparatus.

Over 150 exercises are divided into 14 modules with each one containing a lecture to break down the exercises, client demos, rehab variations, and printable PDF handouts.

Registration ends December 1st, 2023 and course is self-paced upon registration.