Our Indepth Clinical Pilates (ICP) Course consists of (2) three day weekends of lecture and (2) examinations. Physiotherapists will learn a Clinical Pilates Assessment that they can integrate into their clinical practice. You will learn 140 exercises total on all (4) pieces of Classical Pilates Equipment: The Tower/Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair and Mat. You will learn how clinical pilates can be used not only as an assessment tool but also as a treatment tool and learn how to identify movement discrepancies/imblances and core stability issues in clients of any functional level. From high level clients to chronic pain patients, MSK or neuro patients, come learn how clinical pilates can enhance your clinical practice!

Requirements for Certification: Successful completion of Practical examinations (80% or higher), Completion of Practice Hours & Assignments (**see website for exam dates & hourly requirements)

Website: https://www.indepthphysio.com/clinical-pilates-practitioner-course

Beginner Weekend:  May 6,7,8 (Weekend 1 of 2)  10-3pm

Midterm Exam:  June 16th (6-8pm)

Intermediate Weekend:  June 17,18, 19 (Weekend 2 of 2)   10-3pm

Final Exam: July 22 (10-12pm)