OMPT (Orthopedic Musculoskeletal-manipulative Physical Therapy) develops a specialization standard in musculoskeletal clinical practice through a blended on-line and on-site program of

  • three (3) Foundational Courses,
  • two (2) Clinical Specialization Courses, and
  • one (1) Research Project over a 2-3 year timeline.

Work full-time as you advance your learning-credentials.

McMaster-OMPT’s aim is to advance clinical hands-on skill-application, scientific knowledge in musculoskeletal and pain sciences, clinical reasoning application and clinical-research skills to a specialization standard.

* This is a recognized CAMPT / IFOMPT certified program and was identified as ‘world-class’ by the external auditor.

Prerequisites: Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopedic Division – AIM Level II-III to apply. You will need to complete Level III exams, Intermediate exams, Ortho Div’s 90-mentorship hours prior to entering into the Specialization courses.

contact: Anita Gross,