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Online self-paced learning. Learn the essentials of how to assess and treat concussion from a leading concussion researcher and physiotherapist based on the most up-to-date evidence. Skills learned can immediately be applied in clinical practice.

Assessment of Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms
Learn the differential diagnostic criteria for common types of postconcussion headache and postconcussion dizziness. Learn how to use the R2P™ SCORE to identify the cause of symptoms and determine treatment priorities. Learn how to take a comprehensive concussion history, conduct a neurological exam, and screen the cervical spine, BPPV, ocular motor dysfunction, vestibular ocular reflex dysfunction, balance, exercise tolerance, and mental health as potential causes of persistent postconcussion symptoms. Emphasis is on integrating evidence with clinical reasoning skills. Consolidate learning by applying the R2P™ SCORE to several case studies.

Treatment of Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms
Learn how to use the R2P™ PATH, an evidence-based approach, to provide subsymptom threshold exercise progressions for vision therapy, BPPV, vestibular rehabilitation, energy conservation, sleep management, and graded aerobic exercise. Targeted treatments for postconcussion headache and dizziness will be presented. Learn the most up-to-date evidence about nutrition, neurofeedback, transcranial magnetic stimulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and light therapy to treat concussion symptoms. Consolidate learning by applying the R2P™ PATH to several case studies.

Prevention, Assessment, and Management of Acute Concussion
Learn a systematic and objective approach to concussion management in the first few weeks after injury. Understand normal expected recovery patterns and risk factors for persistent postconcussion symptoms. Learn pathophysiology, biomechanics, and prevention strategies for concussion. Learn up-to-date international recommendations how to assess and manage an acute concussion from the moment of injury to recovery to ensure safe return to school, work, and sport. Learn the evidence behind baseline testing, and advances in neuroimaging and blood markers to diagnose concussion. Whether your clinical practice includes sport-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, or work-related injuries, this course is for you.


100% online self-paced interactive learning
Learn at your own pace using videos, downloadable resources, links, discussion boards, assignments, learning checks, and clinical case studies.

What’s included?
Access to all course materials for one full year. Participants will have immediate access to the most recent evidence as the courses are updated.

Participants will receive an R2P™ Concussion Management certificate immediately upon completion of the course.

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