This webinar will provide an overview of the TMR Tots concept typically presented in two 16-hour training sessions. TMR Tots is an innovative approach utilizing traditional physical therapy strategies with an assessment & treatment system to incorporate into the therapist’s current practice. 

Systematically identifying key areas of limited mobility and postural alignment at the beginning of a session provides the therapist with a care plan to remove restrictions which prevent access to optimal skill achievement and ability to participate.

The TMR process of Release Organize & Activate matches the 5 F’s of the ICF model to engage the patient and caregivers with intervention which matches their unique ecosystem. In this session the participant will explore on themselves and a doll the impact of a limitation in range of motion in one area of the body as related to ability to participate in activities in another.    

Several brief case studies will be presented to illustrate the functional change after using systematic testing, treating, and targeted therapeutic activities to reinforce improvements in postural control.

Lastly, the therapist will learn 2 basic testing/treating motions which the participant may explore with their own patients after attending the webinar.