Clinical specialty area:  Sport

Years in specialty practice area:  16

Hobbies: Kayak, Running, XC Ski

Areas of Professional interest:

Sport Performance, Sport Injury Rehabilitation, Golf biomechanics, and Elite athlete performance optimization

Where do you hope to see the profession in 25 years?

I see sport physiotherapy being focused primarily on optimal movement patterns, assessing for dysfunction and identifying physical limitations and correcting for these to improve movement efficiency to improve performance and therefore reduce injury risk. In 25 years bio technology will reflect this paradigm and the tools we will have as physiotherapists to assess and correct movement pattern inefficiencies will be incredible.

Why did you choose to become a clinical specialist?

I thought that this would be a challenge and could expose the weaknesses that I have in my clinical practice and knowledge so that I can focus where I want to learn and gain experience in the second half of my career as a sport physiotherapist.

How do you feel the clinical specialization role has changed your practice?

I feel it has energized me to read more research articles and has helped me think more critically about why I choose specific courses to further my physiotherapy skills and knowledge.


Greg Redman is a graduate of both Queens University and Simon Fraser University. Greg is a manual therapy and sport physiotherapy expert and has had success with four Olympic champions and 18 Olympic medalists, as well as athletes of all ages and competitive levels. He has been the physiotherapist with the Canadian Olympic Team at the Athens, Torino, Beijing Olympic Games, London, and Sochi Olympics, and is preparing for the Rio Olympics in 2016. He is also the Head Physiotherapist for Golf Canada, Canoe/Kayak Canada and Canada Freestyle Ski. He has been trained in at the highest postgraduate level include manual therapy, manipulations, functional and sport specific rehabilitation, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), medical acupuncture, and chronic pain. Greg has a special interest in developing interesting and innovative exercise programs for sport rehab and core stability. He also specializes in providing sport specific functional assessments aimed at optimizing sport performance and preventing injury. Greg was a National team athlete with Canoe/Kayak for nine years and has completed 8 marathons and Ironman Canada. Greg has two active boys who are gradually leaving him behind in the realm of sport performance.