Good news! CPA members now have access to a comprehensive Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance product to protect business owners against allegations of employment practice violation. Your EPL policy will respond to cover damages, judgements, settlements, and defence costs you are legally obligated to pau as a result of a claim.

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If You’ve Got Data, You’ve Got Risk

Cyber Liability is one of the fastest growing areas of risk, according to Beazley plc (Beazley), a leading provider of data breach response insurance. Anyone who maintains or transmits patient information electronically (on computers, laptops, portable electronic devices, or other electronic media) is vulnerable to a cyber breach.

Good news! CPA members have access to a comprehensive Cyber Security and Privacy Liability insurance policy that includes:

  • coverage for payment of damages to a third party, including coverage for your legal defence costs;
  • costs associated with investigation into the cause of the breach;
  • costs involved to notify individuals affected by the breach;  
  • coverage for regulatory defence costs and penalties resulting from a violation of a Privacy Law
  • coverage for ransom ware and more

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