OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) is proud to be part of World Physiotherapy Day – celebrated annually on September 8 by physiotherapy organizations around the world. By joining this global celebration, the CPA is showcasing their unity and solidarity with the global physiotherapy community and shining a light on the important work that Canadian physiotherapists do for their patients and communities from coast to coast to coast.

“On this global day celebrating the physiotherapy profession, I want to acknowledge all of our amazing physiotherapists across this beautiful country who are working on a daily basis to improve the lives of people in our communities,” said Allison Stene, President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. “Whether you are freshly graduated or a seasoned practicing professional, the impact of physiotherapy is undeniably helping Canadians lead healthier and happier lives.”

The focus of this year’s World Physiotherapy Day is on promoting the role that physiotherapists play in the prevention of arthritis and in the management of pain for people affected by arthritis. The inclusion of physiotherapy within holistic treatment plans for arthritis has proven time and again to deliver better patient outcomes, and to help the 1 out of 5 Canadians afflicted with arthritis to keep moving with pain management strategies that help deliver a richer quality of life.

“I am inspired by the trajectory upon which Canadian physiotherapists have embarked,” said Dr. Michel Landry, former President of the CPA, and current President of World Physiotherapy. “United by a single voice across the country, the work that you do every day is meaningful. The inclusion of physiotherapists within holistic treatment plans has proven time and time again to deliver better patient outcomes and better cost effectiveness. Today is about elevating the role of physiotherapists in keeping people moving, in keeping them healthy, and in creating pain management strategies to ultimately deliver a richer life experience for people around the world.”

Various divisions of the CPA, including Pain Sciences and Senior’s Health, offer a variety of educational information, tools, and events to support physiotherapists in their practice as they treat Canadians living with and managing arthritis, osteoarthritis, and inflammatory arthritis. This includes older adults, those living with pain and children. For more information, visit:

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The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) represents physiotherapy professionals, including registered physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants, physiotherapy technologists, and students across Canada. Physiotherapy professionals provide essential rehabilitative care and treatment, enabling Canadians to live well and actively participate in all facets of their lives.

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