The CPA is currently leading an initiative to develop a national Physiotherapy Scope of Practice description. The purpose of this initiative is for the CPA and Branch partners to unite in leading the development of a nationally recognized, profession-informed physiotherapy scope of practice in Canada.

The CPA plays a central role in exploring and defining scope towards creating a unified voice of physiotherapy. The scope of practice initiative provides the opportunity to:

  • Equip the CPA and Branches to have a greater impact in local and national health policy planning discussions.
  • Allow the CPA and Branches to present a united and evidence-informed presence in health systems conversations.
  • Equip the CPA and Branches to convey a strong and cohesive nation-wide stance on the expansion of scope for physiotherapy.
  • Strengthen our ability to advocate, proactively and collectively.
  • Mobilize on the issues facing the profession and practice in a rapidly shifting health care Ecosystem.

Why is the CPA undertaking this work?

Physiotherapy practice has evolved over time and will continue to evolve through integration of new knowledge with research, education and practice. The CPA acknowledges that legislated scope for physiotherapy differs across jurisdictions in Canada, and that advocacy efforts are underway in all jurisdictions to optimize practice. For example, legislation differs nationally for activities such as ordering diagnostic imaging (x-ray, MRI, diagnostic ultrasound), physiotherapy for pelvic floor conditions, treating a wound and providing acupuncture and dry needling. The CPA and Branches see great value in coordinating to create a national scope description for the profession. A unified message on the value of physiotherapy can then be provided to leverage advocacy efforts with all levels of government. These efforts will support the CPA and Branches as they advocate for improved access to physiotherapy care for Canadians at a time of growing health system strain. 

How can you get involved?

It is important to ensure that the CPA gathers a broad range of perspectives from across the country to develop a clear understanding of the issues facing the profession. The CPA is conducting a survey to gather perspectives from physiotherapy professionals and stakeholders across all Canadian provinces and territories on the topic of physiotherapy scope of practice.

We want to hear from you. Your participation is crucial to help us understand the current landscape from the perspective of physiotherapists and the profession’s stakeholders. Your feedback will serve to inform the development of a national physiotherapy scope of practice document.

We invite you to either take the survey in English or take the survey in French.

The survey will remain open until Friday 6 October 2023.

A PDF version is available should you wish to review the questions before completing and submitting your answers through the online survey.

Have questions? You can reach out to to learn more about the work the CPA is doing on physiotherapy scope of practice.

About the CPA

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) represents physiotherapy professionals, including registered physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants, physiotherapy technologists, and students across Canada. Physiotherapy professionals provide essential rehabilitative care and treatment, enabling Canadians to live well and actively participate in all facets of their lives.