October 1, 2022 – Today, on National Seniors Day, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and its Seniors’ Health Division acknowledge the contributions of older adults, and thank physiotherapists, physiotherapy assistants, physiotherapy technologists and physiotherapy students across Canada for their work to support healthy aging and improve the quality of life of millions of older Canadians.

“Older Canadians contribute so much to our communities and our society — through their dedicated career and volunteer work; the supports they provide to family members, friends, and neighbours; and the rich knowledge and experiences they share with younger generations. Physiotherapy professionals across all areas of practice proudly support the health and well-being of older adults across Canada. Today we recognize their critical role in helping to ensure that older adults can continue to live healthy, active lives in their communities,” said Amanda de Chastelain, President, Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Older adults increasingly make up the majority of patient populations across the continuum of health care, from community to acute and post-acute practice settings. Over the next twenty years, the number of Canadians aged sixty-five and older is expected to grow by sixty-eight percent, to 10.4 million, heightening the urgent need for health professionals from across disciplines to work together to treat and support the physical, functional, and psycho-social needs of an aging population.

Physiotherapists work with older adults to prevent declines in function; maximize recovery for those who have been affected by illness, injury or surgery; and manage complex health conditions. Increasing direct access to physiotherapists at the primary care level, and expanding access to in-home physiotherapy, will prevent hospitalization, reduce lengths of stay for those in hospital, reduce the burden for those who find themselves in caregiving roles and help more Canadians age at home.

“On National Seniors Day, we thank older adults for their significant contributions to our culture, society and economy, and all physiotherapy professionals for their dedication to supporting the health, well-being and independence of aging Canadians,” said Gabrielle Sadler, Seniors’ Health Division Chair, Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

To learn more about the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, please visit www.physiotherapy.ca.

The Seniors’ Health Division is a special interest group dedicated to physiotherapy practice in the rehabilitative care of older adults. It is comprised of physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and physiotherapy support personnel from across Canada.


Celebrating Canada’s Seniors Day Act


Kayla Scott
Senior Director, Advocacy
Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Caitlin Drake Smith
Senior Director, Strategic Communications
Canadian Physiotherapy Association