OTTAWA, ON – Today, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) kicks off its National Physiotherapy Month celebrations, which sees physiotherapists from across Canada come together to advocate for policy change to enable our full potential. This year’s theme is Physiotherapy is for Everyone. Even You., which recognizes the unique role physiotherapists play in providing efficient and effective treatment for all Canadians who need it. 

Throughout the month of May, the CPA will be focused on advocating for the optimization of the physiotherapy scope of practice across Canada, as well as the publication of a compelling study from Deloitte Consulting, which identifies the potential economic impact of the profession, including that physiotherapy is already reducing the burden of illness in Canada by $232 million per year.  

“As we kick off National Physiotherapy Month this May, our team at the CPA is primed to advocate for the standardization of the physiotherapy scope of practice, that would see improved access to healthcare across the country and save the healthcare system millions,” said CPA CEO, Krissy Bell. “From the momentum we’ve built from our recent milestone achievement in the Federal Budget presentation, where it was announced that the physiotherapy profession will be included in the Canada Student Loan Forgiveness Program, to the strong connections and impactful data demonstrated at last week’s Congress 2024 in Vancouver, we are ready for what comes next for physiotherapy in Canada.” 

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association will celebrate National Physiotherapy Month throughout May with the publication of three critical papers to fuel its advocacy strategy: 

  1. The Physiotherapy Scope of Practice: A cross-professional position paper on the national scope of practice definition for physiotherapy. 
  1. The Economic Impact of Physiotherapy in Canada: prepared by Deloitte Consulting on behalf of the CPA, studies the clinical evidence for the cost-effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments, and physiotherapy’s impact on the burden of illness. 
  1. The Peachey Report: Coming soon, this assessment from expert Dr David Peachey, provides a foundation for how to move forward in optimizing the primary objectives of services planning for physiotherapy. 

For more information on National Physiotherapy Month, visit the Scope of Practice website

Quick facts: 

  • Physiotherapy reduces the economic burden of illness: Deloitte Consulting identified that Illness costs the Canadian economy $236 billion per year and that .physiotherapy is already reducing the burden of illness in Canada by $232 million per year 
  • 15% of Canadians receive physiotherapy services each year. Yet, Canada is lagging our counterparts. To reach the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) average, Canada would need to increase the number of practicing physiotherapists by 62%.  
  • Canada can save the healthcare system millions by increasing access to physiotherapy: By increasing the physiotherapy workforce to match the OECD per capita average, we can further reduce the burden of diseases such as osteoarthritis, back pain, and coronary heart disease by an additional $144 million per year



The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) represents physiotherapy professionals, including registered physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants, physiotherapy technologists, and students across Canada. Physiotherapy professionals provide essential rehabilitative care and treatment, enabling Canadians to live well and actively participate in all facets of their lives. 


Rani Chatoorgoon 
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer 

Kayla Scott 
Senior Director, Advocacy