This series includes eight educational modules. The overarching aim of these modules is to support physiotherapists practicing or planning to practice in team-based primary care to develop competencies for physiotherapy practice in team-based primary care settings. Throughout the eight modules, you will learn new knowledge about team-based primary care, reflect upon and identify learning needs, and identify new resources to support you in addressing your learning needs.

In the first module, you will be guided through the process of developing an individualized learning plan. After each subsequent module, you will refine this learning plan based on the new knowledge, learning needs, and professional development resources you learn through the module.

Each module is expected to take approximately 30 minutes to complete plus additional time between modules to create and refine your individualized learning plan.

There are two documents that are foundational to the modules: A Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Team-based Primary Care in Canada and an Individualized Learning Plan Development Guide. You can access these documents below and you will be directed to open these documents at the appropriate time during the modules.

Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Team-based Primary care in Canada

This Competency Profile for Physiotherapists in Team-based Primary Care in Canada provides a set of competencies essential to contribute effectively to team-based primary care. It was generated through a consensus building process by a panel of primary care experts including physiotherapists, other health professionals, academics, and people with lived experience accessing primary care.

Individualized Learning Plan Development Guide

This Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) development guide has been developed as a tool to support physiotherapists who wish to enhance their competencies related to team-based primary care. The ILP development guide will guide you through the process of identifying learning needs and establishing a plan for addressing these needs. The first module (below) will provide instructions to help you create a draft of your ILP.

Module 01: Developing Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs)

This first module will provide an overview of the series of modules and help you to create an initial individualized learning plan that you will refine throughout the remaining modules.

Module 02: Foundations of Team-Based Primary Care

This module was created in collaboration with a number of health professions involved in team-based primary care. It will provide you with foundational knowledge to support your development of essential competencies for team-based primary care.

Module 03: Creating Safer and Braver Spaces for Clients, Support Networks, and Team Members

This module presents foundational knowledge related to systems of inequality that contribute to privilege and oppression, trauma-informed care principles, and strategies for recognizing and initiating action when a microaggression occurs.

Module 04: Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDH) in Team-Based Primary Care

This module describes the importance of social determinants of health as a foundational concept to the roles of physiotherapists in primary care.

Module 05: Service Delivery Models for Physiotherapists in Team-Based Primary Care

This module will introduce individual- and population-level approaches to care and how physiotherapists are integrated within various service delivery models.

Module 06: Physiotherapists in the Primary Care Team – Roles and Scope

Drawing on various examples, this module outlines the current and developing roles and scope of work for physiotherapists in team-based primary care.

Module 07: Supporting Self-Management

This module provides a variety of approaches to supporting and enhancing self-management as well as strategies for implementing and evaluating self-management supports.

Module 08: Physiotherapy Leadership in Team-Based Primary Care

This module addresses the concept of leadership and explores how physiotherapists can lead collaboratively as a member of a primary care team.


This project is one of a number of projects funded through Team Primary Care – Training for Transformation. Team Primary Care is an interprofessional initiative of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine funded by the Government of Canada’s Employment and Social Development Canada program. It is co-led by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Canadian Health Workforce Network, in partnership with over 100 health professional and educational organizations across Canada.