Information to be uploaded directly to the EventsAir submission portal 

  • Name and contact information of applicant  
  • Details of desired continuing education course OR CPA Congress attendance, including:
    • Course title  
    • Location  
    • Duration  
    • Course tuition fees and expenses  
  • Professional qualifications  
  • Details of your involvement with the NPAA (at a national, provincial or local level and/or special interest groups)  
  • Any other professional contributions  
  • Brief description of your career goals (max. 150 words)  
  • Brief description of the relevance of the continuing education course to your career goals (max. 150 words)  

Information to be attached in individual PDFs 

  • Proof of course enrolment or CPA Congress registration OR link to the official course description on the educational institution’s website 
  • A copy of your CV (max. 3 pages)