Information to be uploaded directly to the EventsAir submission portal 

  • Name, contact information, program information, and Indigenous ancestry of applicant
  • Professional qualifications
  • Other sources of income for the project 

Information to be attached in individual PDFs 

  • Proof of Indigenous ancestry (may include a Secure Certificate of Indian Status [SCIS or “Status Card”], membership in a Métis Nation, or certified genealogy with historical documentation of ancestry or residency in Inuit Nanangat; a letter from the applicant’s Indigenous community outlining their involvement and contribution to their community may also serve as a replacement to the proof of ancestry)
  • Letter of introduction (max. 1,500 words) describing your pursuit of a career in physiotherapy, including:
    • how you see a career in physiotherapy supporting your community (directly or indirectly)
    • financial circumstances affecting your ability to pursue a physiotherapy degree (MPT) or diploma (PTA)
    • how you would like to contribute to the physiotherapy profession
  • Two (2) letters of reference provided from a school official, employer, community leader or Indian Band official who is not in the immediate family of the applicant, which demonstrate your interest in physiotherapy, community involvement and leadership qualities
  • A letter from your school’s department head confirming your acceptance into your accredited physiotherapy program
  • Transcripts covering all courses taken, with grade conversions used by Graduate studies for foreign transcripts