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The Women’s Health Division (WHD) has almost 500 members from across Canada and internationally. The Women's Health Division unites Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) members who are interested in any and all aspects of women’s health. Our aim is to acquire and make available information and educational materials, and to encourage and develop the publication of research in the field. 

Women's Health News

Join us for a 90 minute webinar for Physiotherapy Assistants on Communication and Power in the Workplace with Stephen Fritz-Millett and President of the National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly, Aurelie Dimandja. 

Physiotherapy Assistants are valuable and important members of the health care team.  As in any profession, conflicts between co-workers or co-workers and supervisors happen.  Knowing how to handle the conflict effectively is a leadership skill that can be taught and learned.

In this webinar, you will:

1) Learn to identify 3 different types of power relationships in the work setting;

2) Learn how to use conflict management strategies to resolve these power conflicts.

About the Speaker:

Steve Fritz-Millett has an extensive background in the theoretical and applied aspects of leadership, management and communication. He retired from the Canadian Army in 2016 as a senior officer with over thirty years of service. For the past ten years, he has worked in the corporate world as a training consultant. In addition to this, he has decades of volunteer experience working in not-for-profit community organizations. Steve has had articles published in journals, research papers and texts on his current area of expertise, the comprehensive approach, an approach the seeks to bring disparate actors and agencies together to solve complex problems in crisis zones. He has planned and facilitated workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics and is a regular lecturer at the Canadian Army’s Peace Support Training Centre in Kingston, Ontario.

The is the first in a series of professional development webinars for Physiotherapist Assistants jointly developed by the National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly and the Leadership Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. 

The series is part of the Leadership Division's initiative to inspire Leadership in ourselves and others.  

Date: October 18, 2017

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm EDT

Instructions on how to participate in the webinar as well as background materials will be sent to you by email once you have registered.

Registrants will receive a certificate of participation upon confirmation of their completion of the webinar.

For more information contact leadership@physiotherapy.ca

To register, click here.

  • The WHD is pleased to welcome new executive committee members Katerina Miller (Newsletter Chair) and Kiera McDuff (Student Representative), and to announce that Nicole Hills, Samantha Doralp & Juliet Sarjeant have accepted ongoing terms with our executive committee, in the roles of Research Chair, Education Chair and Chair-Elect respectively. Congratulations to you all on your appointments - we look forward to working with you
  • Read the June edition of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Women's Health (IOPTWH) newsletter right here!
  • Register now for the International Pelvic Pain Society and 3rd World Congress on Abdomino-Pelvic Conference, Washington, DC, October 11-15, 2017
  • The April edition of the WCPT e-Update has been sent out, sign-up to receive the newsletter via email here!
  • 9 Things I Learned From a Recent Flare-Up, by Katherine Housh
  • Radiation therapy is commonly used to treat pelvic cancers and pelvic floor dysfunctions commonly arise following radiation therapy. What is the impact of radiation on the pelvic floor’s structure and function?
  • A study from the The National Center for Biotechnology Information has found that physiotherapy may help patients control lymphedema after breast cancer surgery: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4348127/  
  • Check out this recent newsletter from the Sex & Gender Women's Health Collaborative
  • Dr. Lynn Stothers, a urologist in the Department of Urologic Sciences at the University of British Columbia, has a grant to study the use of optical technology in monitoring pelvic floor muscle exercise in the neurogenic population.  The project would be suitable for someone with a background in physical therapy with an interest in the bladder/incontinence/neurogenic disease. This was initially intended for a student starting a Masters program, but might also be appropriate for someone already enrolled in a Master’s program.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Stothers (see below).  If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass this along. (submitted by: Dr. Lynn Stothers, PI at ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discovery), Dept. Urologic Sciences UBC, Lynns@mail.ubc.ca)

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