1. Professional Identification:
    • Media personnel seeking accreditation must provide proof of their professional identity, such as a valid press card, employment letter from a recognized media organization, or a letter of assignment from an editor or producer.
    • Freelance journalists should submit samples of their work or references from established media outlets.

  2. Editorial Scope:
    • Accreditation will be granted to media representatives who cover topics relevant to the Congress or the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.
    • Media organizations must demonstrate a history of editorial independence and maintain ethical standards in their reporting.

  3. Reach and Audience:
    • Media representatives must have a demonstrated reach and audience that aligns with the event or organization’s target audience.
    • Metrics such as circulation, viewership, readership, website traffic, social media following, or other relevant indicators may be considered.

  4. Verification and Validity:
    • The media organization or journalist’s credentials will be verified through reputable sources and industry associations.
    • Accreditation may require the submission of previous work samples, references, or contact information of editors or producers who can confirm the applicant’s work.

  5. Code of Conduct:
    • Media representatives must adhere to a professional code of conduct, which includes accuracy, fairness, respect for privacy, and responsible reporting.
    • Any violation of the code of conduct may result in the revocation of accreditation.

  6. Frequency and Regularity:
    • Accreditation may be granted for specific events, campaigns, or on an ongoing basis, depending on the media organization’s coverage needs and the event’s requirements.

  7. Compliance with Event/Organization Policies:
    • Media representatives must comply with the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by Congress and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.
    • Non-compliance may result in the suspension or revocation of accreditation.

  8. Conduct and Professionalism:
    • Media representatives must conduct themselves professionally, respecting other Congress delegates, participants, and event staff.
    • Any misconduct or breach of professional conduct may lead to the revocation of accreditation.