Our Mission

The NPAA represents and promotes the PTA profession, enhances communication and develops initiatives to meet the needs of PTAs.

Our Vision

The NPAA is the essential partner for Physiotherapist Assistants.

What is the NPAA?

The National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA) represents the unique interests and needs of practising and student physiotherapist assistants in Canada and is actively engaged in the growth and advancement of their roles in the physiotherapy profession.

  • We elect our own volunteer leaders to showcase our position in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and to the physiotherapy profession community.
  • Enhances communication amongst Physiotherapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant students.
  • Members benefit from the networking, professional development and ability to have a direct voice in shaping the future of physiotherapist assistants in Canada.
  • Encourages student involvement and leadership opportunities within the CPA and our profession.
  • We communicate with schools offering physiotherapist assistant programs, and to enhance our skills by sourcing continuing education for our colleagues from coast to coast.
  • Regularly update our members through e-blasts and social media to keep them abreast with developments and highlights.
  • Endeavour to be the “go-to” place for news about our career!

CPA membership is held in high regard within the profession.  We listen to our members while we work together to enhance the health of Canadians.

You can contact your NSA President at npaa@physiotherapy.ca

You can also reach out to CPA Member Services for help, or by phone at 613-564-5454, or 1-800-387-8679.