Our Mission

To promote the role of CPA in the development and advancement of physiotherapy students. To represent the voice of students to the CPA.

Our Vision

For you to and your colleagues to:

1. Become more involved with CPA, its Divisions and Branches to learn about your profession. 

2. Teach Canadians how physiotherapy can help them.

The National Student Assembly (NSA) is the unified voice of student members across Canada. Founded in 1996, the NSA:

  • Enhances communication amongst physiotherapy students
  • Develops programs and initiatives for student members
  • Provides a forum where students can talk about issues
  • Encourages student involvement and leadership opportunities within the CPA and your profession.

Your NSA actively promotes student participation. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas. Please, share your comments, suggestions and ideas with us.

You can contact your NSA President at nsa@physiotherapy.ca

You can also reach out to CPA Member Services for help, or by phone at 613-564-5454, or 1-800-387-8679.

Consider Joining the Council Representatives

The National Student Assembly (NSA) is a component of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association that consists of all student physiotherapist members. Leadership for the National Student Assembly is provided by a Council made up of a maximum of four representatives (usually two Junior, two Senior) from each of Canada’s physiotherapy academic programs.

What does a Council Rep Do?

Members of the NSA Council meet for a one-hour teleconference ten times a year.  Activities that NSA reps might be involved with include:

  • Assisting with the CPA Membership Recruitment campaigns at their schools. Materials are provided to assist with this process, and CPA’s provincial branches are also usually involved; 
  • Helping with special projects on a voluntary basis, like fundraising, writing articles for the Student Edge newsletter, contributing to the website, or working with other student advocacy groups on inter-professional initiatives;
  • Attending the NSA Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place at Congress each year.

The Council is Made Up Of:

  • President: works closely with CPA staff on strategic matters for the Assembly, and also attends CPA’s Leadership Meetings in February of each year (with Branches, Divisions, National Board), and has expenses paid for Congress as they must be in attendance for the AGM.
  • President-Elect: moves into the President role in their second year on the Council.
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • External Relations Representative

Why be a Council Rep?

Participation in the NSA Council offers students: A chance to develop leadership skills, learn more about professional issues and become actively involved in Association activities;

  • Opportunities to network with students across the country;
  • Opportunities to get to know leaders in the profession such as your provincial branch board members;
  • A great addition to your resumé!

If you are interested in becoming a Council representative please contact the current NSA representative at your school or CPA Member Services at the CPA National Office.