As students, you get free membership to CPA. Alongside our Branches and Divisions, CPA provides you student-tailored benefits: Free Division Membership, Awards and Research, Congress Bursaries, and Good to know. 

Free Division Membership

One of the biggest decisions of your career in physiotherapy is just ahead: What practice area will you join? To ensure you have adequate information and can build-up connections to smooth your way into the workforce, CPA provides student members with free Division memberships.

Student members can access news, professional resources, and information about upcoming events. Explore all of the divisions at no cost while you’re a student, but pace yourself; your mailbox will overflow if you sign up for all divisions all at once!


Student Bursary Winners for CPA's Forum 2019

Congratulations to the following Student Bursary winners for this year. We look forward to seeing you at Forum 2019!

  • Nicole Guitar, University of Western Ontario
  • Shirin Modarresi, University of Western Ontario
  • Arjun Patel, University of Toronto
  • Lucy Liu, University of Toronto
  • Madison McKinney, McMaster University


Awards and Research                                       

CPA recognizes top student achievement at each University with the CPA Student Award. One student from each of the 14 recognized university programs, with the highest aggregate percentage in academic and clinical physiotherapy, will receive this award of recognition and a complimentary first year of membership. Recipients are determined by each university. CPA also grants several other awards

Indigenous Student Award: The purpose of this award is to meet the increasing needs of First Nations (status and non-status), Inuit, and Métis students for financial support in pursuing a career in physiotherapy, and to assist them in the pursuit of excellence in their career. Learn more

Ann Collins Whitmore Research CompetitionThe objective of the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada’s Ann Collins Whitmore Student Research Competition is to recognize the top Canadian physiotherapy student(s) or student groups whose research papers demonstrate the highest standard of achievement. Learn More


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Our partner Divisions and Branches also offer numerous awards and scholarships. Please visit the Divisions pages and Branches to learn more.

Sometimes, the best physiotherapy research comes from students working with their teachers. See for yourself, and plan to submit your own original work to peer review with Physiotherapy Canada:

Effects of Exercise Interventions on Stereotypic Behaviours in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2008)
Efficacy of Mobilization with Movement for Patients with Limited Dorsiflexion after Ankle Sprain: A Crossover Trial (2007)
Aerobic Exercise Interventions for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Implications for Practice, Education, and Research (2006)



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Good to know

As a student member, you have access to all of our publications, including our partners. We have magazines, journals and websites that we encourage you to peruse.

You can submit papers to Physiotherapy Canada, articles to Physiotherapy Practice, and posts to our shoPTalk blog!

New Graduates


Malpractice Insurance

New Graduates will require individual malpractice insurance in order to enter physiotherapy practice. CPA offers the best product for the best price –new grads get 50% off insurance for the first year they graduate. CPA's insurance program is the longest standing, and the most secure and comprehensive coverage available to physiotherapists in Canada. You won't find a better product at a lower cost.

CPA Career Centre

CPA and our Branches provide an always up-to-date list of job postings. Be sure to visit Branch websites for more opportunities.